Blended, fun and collaborative food journaling system


Self-monitoring food intake using Food Journal is one of the most recommended tools to improve diet and weight loss. Recent years have seen significant food journal adoption using mobile apps which offers richer information and accessibility relative to traditional paper methods. Nevertheless, food logging is not easy and few individuals are able to sustain the self-monitoring practice for an appropriate length of time for reliable food entry despite various features provided. In fact, it may unintentionally results in behaviors contrary to their goals due to simplicity of entering data such as prepackaged than home cooked food. Finally, social stigma and features incorporated into the application may undermine efforts of journaling (Cordeiro, et al).

Challenge Statement

Smart Health coLAB is organized to explore how data, tech and innovative services can drive healthy behaviours and help manage chronic diseases. Highlighting the importance and current challenges of Food Journaling, Zuellig Pharma sponsored a challenge to identify new opportunities to improve food journaling design and technology with following question: How can we use technology or develop appropriate nudges so that people learn and make changes to their diets to their achieve goals? What can we do to make the necessary changes and stick to them? The proposed idea should help increase awareness of food intake, identify opportunities for improvement to achieve maximum impact and succeed with minimal changes, and finally sustain the improvement by tracking progress and momentum.


We propose a blended food journaling system which bring journaling activities into both physical and digital realms. We incorporate stickers and activity sheets as fun and interactive way for capturing food intakes and promote conversation with family members to support and sustain development of healthy habits. Through the use of Image Recognition technology, we are able to capture, process and analyze such data digitally. This allows us to track progress and recommend pro-active measures to achieve health goals.

Stickers Health Dashboard and Mobile Application


Project Stickers was awarded Zuellig Pharma Switch Challenge Prize.