Crowdsourcing ideas at every customer touch points


In 2014, McKinsey reported that digital banking has become an “irresistible business trend”, especially in Asia where they are becoming more and more comfortable with using mobile and Internet channels for banking services. This shifting customers behavior and preferences signifies completely new challenges Banks need to address. It is estimated that the advent of digital banking will have 30 to 50 percent impact on Bank profits or losses. Therefore, it is critical for banks to create new and innovative digital customer propositions that could serve this emerging mobile and digitally-savvy customer segments.

Challenge Statement

Internet and mobile technology have transformed the way consumers made their purchasing and financial decision into multiple, complex, non-linear journeys. Yet, they still place great value on Bank’s intangible factors such as trust, value, and service. To capture their loyalty, Banks have to develop capability to put customers at the center of their strategy, reduce frictions, and create a seamless experience across various channels. They need to be able to build a more personalized, deeper, proactive engagement with their customers. Therefore, the essence of our design challenge is “How might we enable bank effectively engage their customers to understand and serve them better in this digital age?”.


Our solution is to enhance existing Bank’s customer engagement channels with an interactive ideas and feedback service that will recognize and reward participants. By leveraging gamification and crowdstorming concepts, we enable individual members of community to collectively solve relevant and meaningful problems.


In this project, we collaborated with experienced staffs representing Bank various centers and received hands-on mentorship on their Human Centered Design and Innovation process. We were selected as Challenge Winner, included as Top-4 finalists and awarded 3rd Prize.