Universal, Perpetual Reward System for your Eco-friendly Behavior


Singapore has been recognised internationally for being a clean and green city, with public education on anti-littering ongoing since 1968. However, there is still much that needs to be done to turn Singapore from a “cleaned” city to a truly clean city where everyone respects the environment and one another by taking active steps to ensure our shared spaces are litter-free. Along with public cleanliness challenge, the amount of waste generated in Singapore has risen rapidly & will continue to rise with population & economic growth. At the current rate of waste growth, a new waste-to-energy plant is required every 7 - 10 years, while new offshore landfill is required every 30 - 35 years. This will not be sustainable given scarcity of land in Singapore.

Challenge Statement

Singapore’s overall recycling rate was 60% in 2014 and only 19% of the waste generated by households is recycled. A significant increase is needed in order to achieve the target of 70% overall recycling rate by 2030. How might we better create awareness of the need to reduce waste and improve recycling habit in homes & businesses?


We created system that uses Blockchain technology to keep track of users’ eco-friendly actions and corresponding rewards. Users have a personal, permanent and secure record of their eco-friendly behaviour. Any corporate / agency can use this system to sponsor campaigns that encourage and reward good behaviour.

Baggins Mobile Application


Project Baggins was awarded Best Technology Prize.